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Free & Premium University / College



Visa, Insurance Immigration & Legal Assistance


WIL, Graduate  Internship &

Job-Ready Program


Campus Support

& Post-Enrollment


          Free & Premium University / College Application Services

-Australian Universities, Government/Private Colleges, and English Language Schools

-Study Abroad Package program

-Young learner holiday program

-Arrange Group holiday program packages

-Specialized and customized package arrangements

-Dependent children schooling

-Changing education providers

          Visa, Insurance, Immigration and Legal Assistance

Temporary Residency Services

-Student Visa and Extensions (Subclass 500)

-Temporary Graduate Visa, e.g. Post-Study Work Stream (Subclass 485)

-Temporary Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) For tourists, business visitors or to visit family for 3, 6 or 12 months


Permanent Residency Services

-Employer Sponsored Migration

-General Skilled Migration

-Business Skills Entry

-Partner & Child & Parent & Other Family Migration

-Special Migration & Onshore Protection

Visa Related Insurance

-All kind of Private Health Insurance included Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) (Student Visa Holder Only) and Overseas Vistor Health Cover (OVHC)  (Temporary Visa Holder)


Legal Assistance

-Legal assistance services in academic misconduct, criminal, family and civil law matters in each state and territory with Legal Aid Australia

           Graduate Internship and Job-Ready Program

-12 Weeks' structured Internship-program is focusing on providing employment readiness skills with an Australian company and designed for young professionals to kick off their careers

-Connecting to over 3,700 Australian Host Companies ranging from ASX listed companies through to small and medium sized organisations

-Match you with the right internship placement, taking into consideration your career goals, specific area of expertise, relevant experience, learning objectives, training needs and location

-Over 70% of interns are offered ongoing employment with their host company after internships

-Flexibility in Business, Marketing, IT, BA, Engineering, Design & Media, Science, Chemistry and more than 20+ majors

-Flexibility locations across all capital cities in Australia and even remote during the COVID-19

-Flexibility in start and end date as well as attended hours (252-420 hours) over 3 months (3-5 days a week with specific hours agreed upon between you and the host company)

-Professional advise on how to prepare a resume, cover letter, interview and career guidance

-Professional skills obtained like industry specific technical skills, work place communication skills, ability to work effectively in team and autonomously, ability to work in a professional office environment, deeplyunderstanding of business operations in Australia

           Campus Support & Post-Enrollment Services

-Academic Tutoring for units on assignments, quizzes, notes and all kinds of exams

-Academic Tutoring for academic writing on reports, thesises, essays with references

-Professional advise on further Scholarships and Credits Transfer Application

-Professional advise on further Courses and Visa Renew Application

-Professional advise on further Change of Courses / Majors and Change of Edu Providers

-Professional advise on academic misconduct and show cause with Academic Committee

-Exclusive Education Seminars/Events to 1v1 meet with admission officers from Universities

-Help to learn Australian culture and life to minimize "Culture Shock"

-Campus Map and Emergency information updated

-Airport pick up and accommodation arrangement

-Open Smart Bank Account with Commonwealth Bank
-Review Overseas Student Health Cover and Visa Expires

-Regular check Student Satisfaction on institutions & accommodation and record feedback
-JMISSC's addresses can be used by students for correspondences when out of Australia
-Free Internet Service (Wireless internet Available)
-Exclusive Members Tour and Sports Activities



Thanks Sophia so much for your excellent and professional service, without their hard work and advice I couldn’t have come to my ideal university. I remember they told me that I shouldn’t be worried because they would do whatever was needed to get everything done in time. The agency and its agents became like my second family ever now I am still getting valuable advice from JMISSC as they continue to  help me to stay and settle in to life well in Australia.

- Peter KIM, South Korea RMIT University


- Jantelle MENG, China

University of Melbourne

I would like to express my appreciation for their performence on my immigration process to Australia. Document lists your staff presented were in time, comprehensive, clear and well-structured. All members of your staff are friendly, professional and in an excellent manner as well. Anyway, thank them a lot for helping us have a new life here.

- Nicholas Kapicki,

United Kindom

很感謝有JMISSC專業的諮商服務讓我對陌生的澳洲有了初步的認識, 他們對學校及環境的全盤了解幫助我做出最適合我的決定, 而不是將他們的想法強加諸在我身上, 即便是從我一開始不了解澳洲學校制度體系, 到選擇學校, 科系還有幫助我申請手續, 什麼疑難雜症通通難不倒他們, 尤其是國際學生最頭痛的簽證和移民相關知識,只要問他們就對了!他們是一個值得你信任的好朋友, 在一片茫然中, 幸好有JMISSC給我方向去前進, 讓我知道我付出的努力跟投資會有相同的回饋, 真心推薦他們誠懇專業的服務精神。

- Tsai Jen Yi, Taiwan

Macquire University

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