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Visa, Insurance Immigration & Legal Assistance


WIL, Graduate 

Internship & 

Job-Ready Program


Campus Support

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Education Consulting

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Qualified Education

Agent Counsellor

QEAC No. O009

M Professional Accounting

 The University of Sydney

She is familiar with various universities’ scholarship policies and equipped with expertise in applying for credit transfer or exemptions.

Over the years, she has successfully helped many international students with their credit exemption, the highest one among which is equivalent to AUD $50,000.



Qualified Education

Agent Counsellor

QEAC No. R143

Master of Education

Monash University 

Ripple has expertise in the specific entry requirements of G8 universities, especially regarding different majors of arts and commerce. She is proficient in credits exemption and scholarships application.


Notably, one of the highest amount of excellence scholarship awarded to a student majored in Engineering is equivalent to over AUD $200,000.


Qualified Education

Agent Counsellor

QEAC No. O016

Master of Engineering The University of New South Wales

Among Emma’s clients, over 99% of them are successfully granted an offer, and over 50% are awarded with a scholarship.

She will customise the study plan based on the students’ personalities, hobbies, and experiences, etc. With her assistance, thousands of students have successfully enroll in their favorite TOP 100 colleges or universities nationwide.

Harry MENG

Qualified Education

Agent Counsellor

QEAC No. N972

Master of Commerce Monash University 

He is very familiar with Monash Uni and Deakin Uni's systems, who is helpful to assist students with all matters regarding to these universities. 


 He is also proficient in credit exemption applications and making appeals for students who failed their units. More smart options could be provided everytime from his god's hand.

Jasmine XIAO

Approved Education

Agent Counsellor

QEAC Member

Master of International Business and Master of Law

 The University of Sydney

 With the exchange experiences at one of the top worldwide Faculty of Law, the University of Cambridge, she has equipped with UK classical law princples, which is much helpful to assist her students to discover their own strengths, so as to help students to make further progress, thereby successfully obtaining offers from the top Faculty of Law over the world.

Academic Tutoring

Marble Surface



The University of

New South Wales


PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering

(Full Scholarship)

Bachelor of Engineering

(Civil Engineering)

(Honours Class I)

GPA: 3.86/4 WAM: 85+

Australia’s Global University Award PUCA1026 2020

International Postgraduate Award 2021



The University of Sydney


Master of Commerce


GPA: 3.93/4 WAM: 90+


International Achievement Scholarship 2018


International Achievement Scholarship 2019

Lifetime Member of Beta Gamma Sigma accredited by AACSB International



Deakin University

PhD in Management Accounting

(Full Scholarship)

Monash University

Bachelor of Commerce

(Accounting and Business Statistics)

(Honours Class I)

GPA: 3.7/4 WAM: 82+

Monash Student Excellence Award 2017, 2018


Monash Jubilee Honours Scholarship 2018



Monash University

PhD in Information Technology 

(Full Scholarship)


Master of Information Technology

GPA: 3.69/4 WAM: 82+

FIT5042 TOP Mark Award

Faculty of Information Technology Research Scholarship 2020

International Postgraduate Research Scholarship 2020



Monash University

Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Commerce

GPA: 3.88/4 WAM: 85+

 ACC1100 TOP Mark Award

Monash Scholarship for Academic Excellence 2019

Monash Scholarship for Academic Excellence 2020

Marble Surface



Monash University

Bachelor of Finance

GPA: 3.78/4 WAM: 83+

 ECF2721 TOP Mark Award

Monash Scholarship for Academic Excellence 2020

Official Peer Mentor



The University of Queensland


Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance)

GPA: 7/7 Top 1% 

Dean's Commendation for Academic Excellence 2019, 2020, 2021

CFA Level I Top 10%



The University of Western Australia


Master of Applied Finance

GPA: 7/7 WAM: 90+


CFA Level II Top 10%

CFA Level I Top 10%

Official Peer Mentor


The University of Western Australia


Master of Applied Finance

GPA: 7/7 WAM: 88+


Member of Financial Planning Association of Australia

Official Peer Mentor

Renee  ZHOU

The University of Western Australia


Bachelor of Commerce


GPA: 6.8/7 WAM: 87+


International Achievement Scholarship 2019, 2020

Ernst & Young Guangzhou, Assurance and Audit Department Intern



Thanks Sophia so much for your excellent and professional service, without their hard work and advice I couldn’t have come to my ideal university. I remember they told me that I shouldn’t be worried because they would do whatever was needed to get everything done in time. The agency and its agents became like my second family ever now I am still getting valuable advice from JMISSC as they continue to  help me to stay and settle in to life well in Australia.

- Peter KIM, South Korea RMIT University


- Jantelle MENG, China

University of Melbourne

I would like to express my appreciation for their performence on my immigration process to Australia. Document lists your staff presented were in time, comprehensive, clear and well-structured. All members of your staff are friendly, professional and in an excellent manner as well. Anyway, thank them a lot for helping us have a new life here.

- Nicholas Kapicki,

United Kindom

很感謝有JMISSC專業的諮商服務讓我對陌生的澳洲有了初步的認識, 他們對學校及環境的全盤了解幫助我做出最適合我的決定, 而不是將他們的想法強加諸在我身上, 即便是從我一開始不了解澳洲學校制度體系, 到選擇學校, 科系還有幫助我申請手續, 什麼疑難雜症通通難不倒他們, 尤其是國際學生最頭痛的簽證和移民相關知識,只要問他們就對了!他們是一個值得你信任的好朋友, 在一片茫然中, 幸好有JMISSC給我方向去前進, 讓我知道我付出的努力跟投資會有相同的回饋, 真心推薦他們誠懇專業的服務精神。

- Tsai Jen Yi, Taiwan

Macquire University

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