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University of Melbourne courses most popular in Victoria

The University of Melbourne’s Arts and Science degrees are the most popular courses in Victoria, according to the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre’s (VTAC) first preference applications for study in 2018.

Four out of the top five most popular Victorian courses are University of Melbourne degrees, with the Bachelor of Commerce taking out the fourth spot and the Bachelor of Biomedicine in fifth spot.

This afternoon VTAC released first round undergraduate offers, with more than 52,973 students receiving an offer of place at a Victorian university this year.

In total, the University of Melbourne offered places to 7587 students. 2161 students received offers for the Bachelor of Science and 2016 received offers for the Bachelor of Arts.

Acting Vice-Chancellor and Provost Professor Carolyn Evans said that the University was pleased to have attracted so many high achieving students.

“Our five largest undergraduate degrees (Arts, Biomedicine, Commerce, Design and Science) all received applications from students with ATARs of 99.9 or higher,” Professor Evans said.

"Likewise the Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholars Program for high-achieving students continues to prove popular among students with 154 offers.”

Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarships are awarded to students who achieved an ATAR or equivalent of 99.9 or above. They attract some of the most academically able students to the University of Melbourne, where they receive a scholarship and a guaranteed place in the graduate program of their choice.

Professor Evans said that the University’s thriving Access Melbourne equity program increased its offers from 2202 last year to 2350 this year, comprising 31 per cent of all University of Melbourne offers.

“This ensures that more students from rural and disadvantaged backgrounds will receive a place in the University,” Professor Evans said.

“For students still looking to secure course entry, second round offers provide an opportunity to change your preferences and attain your preferred degree.”

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