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The Australia Thailand Institute (ATI) at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is funding a further 11 scholarships of $4,000 each to support outbound year or semester exchanges of Australian students at Undergraduate or Postgraduate Level to Thailand in 2013-14. This follows a successful rounds of scholarships over the 2012-13 financial year. Universities Australia will manage the scholarships. The objectives of the scholarships are:

  • To encourage and provide support for Australian tertiary students to study in Thailand for a semester or longer in a broad range of disciplines.

  • To strengthen education links with Thailand between universities by assisting Australian students to use exchange of credit arrangements between Australian and Thai universities to increase outwards student mobility.

  • To contribute to increasing the numbers of young Australians who study in Thailand, and over time, seed greater interest and awareness in young Australians of the importance of Thailand (and South-East Asia more broadly) to Australia's interests.

  • To invest in increasing the Asia literacy skills of young Australians to assist in developing a skills base of young people who are confident working in and dealing with South-East Asia.

  • To assist in stimulating demand by young Australians for exchange opportunities with Thailand.

The Discover Thailand Scholarship can be used together with other available funding.

Eligibility selection criteria

1. Applicant must be an Australian citizen. 2. Open to undergraduate, graduate coursework and graduate research students going to Thailand to study under an already existing formal agreement between universities. Applications encouraged from broad disciplines, including professional courses (accountancy, engineering etc.). Priority given to study for at least a semester or full year. 3. The study in Thailand should be credit-bearing. 4. Applicant must be willing to provide written feedback on their study in Thailand, which can be used to encourage more Australian students to consider Thailand as a study destination. The feedback will be due after the completion of the study program in Thailand and will be used to evaluate the success of the program. The feedback will be publicly available on the UA and ATI websites and will be used online and in media to promote study in Thailand. Students at the end of their Discover Thailand experience are expected to write a two page feedback report about their time in Thailand that can include any stories or memories. There will be no standard template for this report but it will need to include answers to the following questions:

  • What are you currently studying at your university and how did the Thailand study experience fit into your degree?

  • Describe your experience of studying in Thailand as part of the ATI's Discover Thailand scholarships program? What did you study, where did you study etc.?

  • How did you find integrating in the local community and interaction with Thai students?

  • What would you say to other Australian students about your experience of studying in Thailand? Would you recommend studying in Thailand and how will you use your experience in Thailand in future?

  • What are some of your best memories from your time studying in Thailand? What were the best aspects of studying in Thailand and what aspects were the most difficult?

  • Do you have any suggestions for improving the program or ideas that would encourage others to study in Thailand?

5. Please provide photographs and a couple of quotes that can be used on our website and in media to tell your story. 6. Applicant must take out adequate travel and health insurance. 7. ATI Discover Thailand scholarships cannot be used for study in areas of Thailand to which the Australian Government advises Australians not to travel ( 8. All scholarships recipients will be required to sign a deed poll waiver and release of liability form.

Funding allocation

All funding must go into supporting Australia-Thailand exchange linkages, and the normal reciprocal arrangements that govern present exchange agreements still apply. This funding is intended to supplement and enhance current exchange linkages. Every Australian university will be offered the chance to select one student for this scholarship, and scholarships will be offered on a first come first served basis. Universities are fully responsible to select appropriate candidates.


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